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Oleodinamica AMI was established in Imola in 1959 as a manufacturer of oil-hydraulic cylinders and a few years later began to specialize in the production of oil-hydraulic control valves.
The company makes use of the most advanced technology and is committed to achieving high quality, highly functional products, as well as customer satisfaction. All of which has led its growth and current status as a market leader.

With the sound skills it has acquired during 60 years of business, Oleodinamica AMI continues to set itself ever more significant targets. The company is also flexible and dynamic enough to adapt to the demands of a market that is constantly evolving and expanding.
Its wide range of customers use Oleodinamica AMI products in various solutions and areas of application.

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Oil-hydraulic Control Valves
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Via dell’Artigianato, 36 
40027 – MORDANO (Bo) Italy

Mail: ami@amioleodinamica.com

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